Vultr vs DigitalOcean vs Linode

Originally published at: Vultr vs DigitalOcean vs Linode

Several options are available when choosing a cloud hosting provider for your website or application. Three of the most popular providers are Vultr, DigitalOcean, and Linode. All three offer similar services, but some key differences can make one a better fit for your specific needs. In this article, we will test and compare Vultr vs DigitalOcean vs Linode in terms of their features, pricing, and performance so that you can make a better-informed decision when choosing the best-unmanaged cloud hosting provider for your business. Let’s meet the contenders About Vultr Vultr is a cloud hosting provider established in 2014 by…

I have only used DigitalOcean and Linode before RemarkableCloud, and I can tell you my server and apps run faster in my VPS at RemarkableCloud.

I think the test is a little dated, maybe a new test using the new CPU Optimize or General Purpose against the same server specs from DO, Linode, and Vulter would be nice.

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Indeed, the article was crafted prior to the release of our latest dedicated cores series, and it didn’t involve a direct apple-to-apple comparison. I’ll make an effort to find time and update the performance test soon."

Great! I am looking forward to the new tests.

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