Reseller Email hosting

A long time ago you guys promised to have a reseller email hosting offerings, but not released till date. Any comments?

Hi Vikas,

We explored the possibility of offering Mail Reseller Packages, but because of the lack of interest, we decided not to; what we will be offering is Managed Mail Servers from a few hundred GB space to several TB for companies that want to have their mail server or companies that want to offer mail only services to their customers.

Most of our resellers also sell mail-only services using our cPanel reseller packages (with MailChannels and CrossBox); see: Cheap Reseller Hosting cPanel

We don’t have an ETA yet, and it will take months because we need a new object storage cloud for this project.

Can we talk about my dedicated custom solution?
Please provide me a better way for communication. I have 1m sending volume with my existing email hosting business.

You can always request a custom quote to the Sales Dept from your customer area or email to sales [act]